Who we are:

MHT Lighting, a subsidiary of NAME Energy Group,  is the leading manufacturer of energy efficient products in the US. These products include LED lighting and Power management optimization systems. Our high quality products use components from leading companies that have a history of experience, reliability, quality and integrity.

MHT has the only ISO 9000/01 certified lighting manufacturing facility in the USA.  Every manufacturing procedure and quality system is proven and documented.  All the products we manufacture have been thoroughly tested, inspected and burned-in to make sure the product will last for decades.

MHT has created innovative patent pending LED technology that addresses and solves current concerns such as heat transfer issues. Our solution significantly increases the life expectancy of the product while it reduces heat. The innovative magnetic attachment technology provides for ease of installation and therefore decreased labor cost reducing the payback period.

MHT, through its affiliates, has introduced other patent pending products in the SP1000 series energy management and optimization systems. These products guarantee and quantify kilowatt-hour savings by reducing losses in power delivery, identifying and reducing harmonics, correcting for system imbalances, increasing equipment efficiency, and optimizing power utilization. Reductions in kilowatt-hours have been regularly observed. Total electric bill reductions of 8% to 15% have been achieved. Return on investment (ROI) typically ranges from 15 to 24 months.

Our highly qualified staff can provide engineering, project layouts and personalized solutions for your commercial or industrial lighting and power management needs.

Our Vision:

To be the North American leading manufacturer of energy efficient products.

Our Values:

MHT Lighting is dedicated to our customers, employees, the community and the environment.

The Environment:

MHT Lighting is concerned about the environmental future of our planet.  We implement energy efficient technologies that have a positive impact on the environment, reduces our carbon footprint and preserves existing natural resources.