What is wrong with Your Gas Station?

Do you feel that more motorists do not stop at your gas station but rather travel few extra miles to stop at some other? If you pay regular maintenance toil but fail to attract too many customers to your gas station then probably nothing is wrong with gas station but it may be connected to your gas station lights. Should you think about upgrading you gas station lights? Just have a thorough look at your gas station after the sunset from across the street; you probably would be able make out the decision if you question yourself, does the lighting attract motorists? Do lights make it appear like a safe and active place? You certainly need to upgrade the lighting.

What are the options?

You might still be using the old HID fixtures in your gas station that operate on huge power of 300-400 watt and overtime become dim, but still consume same amount of power. They are a complete waste of money and energy. Having realized that, wouldn’t it be nice if you can get LED lighting or induction lighting that uses 80% less energy and offers twenty times more life? Of course, they are low on maintenance and usually come with high warranties. Some of these models may also have dimmer capabilities and activity sensors to further cut down on the operation cost and energy consumption.

Little that you know that most of the urban cities and metropolitan cities gas stations are already using high power LED lights to illuminate their stations to attract more customers. With LED lighting, you have a double win situation, as the lights would surely get you enhanced business but would also save huge on the electricity bills. Don’t just remain stuck to outdated halogen, metal halide, candescent or fluorescent lights, switching to new technology is smarter and effective.