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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows products that generally run on electrical equipment to instead run on CAT 5/Ethernet Cable.

Using power from a Power Source Equipment (PSE), PoE can provide up to 90 watts of power to devices. Some examples of equipment that uses the PoE technology are LED lighting fixtures, lighting controls, IP phones and cameras.

Features and Benefits of a PoE Lighting System:

Clients that choose a PoE lighting system will recognize significant benefits over a standard line voltage installation. Those benefits include:

    1. 1. Reduced Installation Costs
      In most cases, new construction builders will see a 25-30% reduction in installation costs. The majority of these savings come from the lower cost and quicker installation of low voltage category cable when compared to traditional copper wiring.
    2. 2. Safer and Easier to Install
      PoE systems use low voltage category cable, significantly reducing the chance of injury due to electric shock. The installation is also far less physically taxing on the installers given the ease of running category cable versus non-metallic shield or conduit.
    3. 3. Data-Gathering
      PoE systems that have strong software platforms can provide substantial information to business owners regarding their facilities. This includes better understanding space utilization and the measurement and verification of energy consumption in their building.
    4. 4. Increased Comfort and Productivity
      Whether you are a business owner, school or hospital system, improving the quality of life of your occupants is generally a priority. A PoE system can be programmed to a granular level that will provide enhanced alertness, productivity and overall sense of well-being for your occupants.
    5. 5. Integration
      A major advantage to using a PoE system is the ability to connect and communicate with other building systems. For example, shades in an office or apartment can open and close based on specific policies set, time of day or levels of natural light. In addition, camera and HVAC systems can also be connected to a PoE system, allowing for increased responsiveness from other building systems.
    6. 6. Security
      PoE systems reside on an intranet wired infrastructure. This allows for building managers to ensure the highest security for their PoE building management systems.