PoE Lighting Systems have been around for many years dating back to the early 2010’s.  There were several low voltage innovators, including Redwood Systems, that came onto the market.  They had innovative PoE light management technologies, powered through category cable, that provided valuable data to facilities managers and owners. These new technologies came to market with a lot of fan fair as many large companies adopted this technology and deployed it in their projects.   

The low voltage companies, while they provided the technology, did not offer any lighting fixtures or expertise and relied on others to provide that piece of the project.  Due to MHT’s strong reputation in the industry, we were selected to be one of the few manufacturers that delivered the fixtures for these projects.  MHT saw first-hand how powerful this technology could be when installed.   

While the technology was impressive, there were a number of issues that started to happen after installation.  Multiple patches and bug fixtures with the software and hardware made the system extremely difficult to useultimately leading to many customers feeling discouraged and frustrated with the system.    

MHT Lighting saw the value and demand for PoE Lighting and over the last several years took the valuable lessons learned during our time working with Redwood, and others, and created our insepXtor PoE system Our PoE software employs the strongest security, has been successfully deployed and has been third party tested.  

In terms of reliability, MHT Lighting has partnered with some of the largest technology companies in the world to power our PoE system, providing a high degree of confidence in the reliability of our products.   

Upgrading your system to MHT’s inspeXtor PoE platform is extremely simple.  You keep your lights, keep all the cabling and upgrade to a powerful new light management system.   

If you are interested in upgrading your current Low Voltage System to MHT’s PoE inspeXtor, please reach out to us today.  Contact us at sales@mhtlighting.com