Our SP1000A and B 208V models is a system offering  10 and 20 KVARs of capacitance, respectively. The SP1000 monitors and records over 60 measurements within the electrical system.  The collected data can be stored in 5 minute intervals for over 16 months.  We are the first company to be able to monitor, record and quantify true kw/kwh savings at affordable prices.

The system functions dynamically by making thousands of decisions per minute based on what the SP1000 is reading through its external and internal current transmitters. The system will than address harmonics, voltage imbalance, and power factor within the facility.  Cable losses within a facility are minimized.  The savings realized by the SP1000 are contingent on the overall facilities efficiency, energy rates, and demand charges.

The SP1000 system has the ability to switch on and off millions of times without burning our patent pending switch.  Our method of switching consumes only 20% of the energy normally used by other types of switches.

Our monitoring application platform (SPIDER) provides a dashboard where real time results can be observed.  Charts and tools to generate reports, delivering the ability to see things such as motor deterioration, so you can be proactive and make a change instead of reactive.