In recent times, solar power has been gaining attention as one of the alternative solutions to our energy and environmental concerns. As more companies, and people, scramble to develop new technology and methods to combat carbon emissions and energy consumption, they tend to not notice that there are solutions already available.

Solar energy can definitely help reduce a company’s energy bills and create a more environmentally friendly building/space – but this would also depend on the type of lighting / technology that a building is already using. For instance, a building subscribed to solar energy could still be using very inefficient lighting solutions, resulting in an overall higher energy output – inefficient and unnecessary.

Introducing Power Over Ethernet Lighting

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology carries electrical power through CAT5/Ethernet cables and typically supports devices with relatively low power requirements, such as lights.

Beyond just powering lights with low voltage CAT cables, PoE-enabled technologies, such as MHT Lighting’s inspeXtor® system, brings with it a host of advantages that make it an efficient alternative to normal lighting solutions:

  • Buildings can achieve up to 90% of the LEED certification requirements with PoE lighting
  • 80% reduction in infrastructure carbon footprint
  • Digitalising the entire building incurs no additional expense when compared to 230v systems

These advantages mean that building managers and business owners can have customised reports and readings about the energy consumption through to occupancy levels in every part of their building, allowing them to make targeted decisions based on real time monitoring and reporting data. This helps facility mangers improve the efficiency of an environment, lowering costs in the long run.

Beyond lighting, PoE-enabled systems like the inspeXtor® controls, manages and automates all building systems that offer an open API – which means that this versatility can extend beyond lighting to other appliances such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Security Cameras, Access Controls, Smart Sensors, Blinds, and many more. Not only will this reduce the overall energy consumption, this move also makes the building a smarter one!

In the long run, pairing PoE technology with solar energy can truly reduce the consumption of energy, allowing businesses to save money. Ultimately, the goal of your business should be to reduce emissions as much as possible and employing solutions that both reduces energy output and gives precise data stands as a viable method to do so.

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