Renew Lighting with Revived Technology of Induction Lighting

Induction lighting is an old technology that has been there for over 100 years but recently with the grown awareness and need of safer environment along with energy efficient lighting solutions, induction lighting is renewed to become popular and adept for today’s need.

To put it simply, induction lighting is like the fluorescent lighting that is very common in household and industry but it differs from them as it does not have electrodes or filaments (as in the case of candescent bulb) that caused lights to burn out quickly. This aids extremely long life to induction lighting that can be as long as 100,000 hours; putting it in a practical perspective, a system of induction lighting can last over 11 years if used continuously 24/7 or over 25 years if used regularly for 10 hours per day.

Benefits Vs Price

Although, induction lighting may cost a bit higher than regular LED lighting or fluorescent lighting but it has following superior features that makes it to be cost effective in long run:

  • Practically maintenance free operation
  • Long life
  • High power efficacy, it can deliver 60+ or in some cases 70+ lumens for every watt
  • Superior CRI (color rendering index) 80+ or 90+ in some cases
  • Cool temperature with a choice of warm or cool white
  • Starts instantly
  • No noise, flickering, or stroking
  • High power factor of 90+
  • Some units may also have dimmable capacity

Application of induction lighting

High power efficiency, long life, and instant start features make it to be vigorously used as parking garage lights, gas station lights, street lights or wherever high lumen light output is required. Since it is maintenance free, induction lighting is ideal for places that are hard to reach to save high maintenance cost such as street lighting, high ceilings, and tunnels.

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