Project Description

About the Project: 

Pier Village is a world class 245 unit, multi-family residential ocean front community, located in Long Branch, NJ.  In addition to the luxury housing, the community boasts 45,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space as well as 290,000 square feet of parking and common areas space.   

This upscale community was built by Greenfield Construction and is scheduled to be completed in February of 2021.   

The Challenge: 

The property owner was interested in offering a more upscale, modern community and one of the requirements of that was a focus on technology.  The owners wanted an environment where they could seamlessly integrate with some of their other systemswhile at the same time reducing and monitoring their energy consumption.   

Aside from the energy savings and monitoring component, the client was looking for a way to get top dollar by offering the latest technology and promoting their green initiatives to the more energy conscious.  This solution would need to be cost effective on a building materials side but on the installation as well.    

The Solution:  

After completing their due diligence, the Client selected MHT Lighting’s inspeXtor PoE system. The choice came down to a number of factors.  The first, and most important one, was cost.  After looking at MHT’s PoE solution and comparing that to a comparable line voltage solution, the difference was significant.  MHT was able to save them money not only on the installation but on the materials as well.   

On the PoE software side, the client was impressed with the ease of use and realized how seamlessly they could integrate the MHT PoE system in with their other building management systems.  Finally, MHT was able to configure the system to meet the specific needs of the facility.  Some of these configurations included customized reports, automated policies and alerts.  

The Results: 

The outcome of installing a PoE system was remarkable.  The client was able to reduce their installation and material cost by approximately 35%.  This translated to substantial savings when looking at a multi-million-dollar project.  The installation time was also cut by about 40% due to the entire system running on category cables and RJ45 connectors.   

The client now has complete control over their system and the advanced AI the MHT inspeXtor system provides allows for on-going savings with the ability to automate many of the lighting control functions.  The controls and automation of the system help keep costs downas well asextending the life of the fixtures, thus reducing the need to frequently change out light bulbs.   

To learn more about how MHT’s PoE System can help you, please visit us at or call us directly at 718.524.4370.