PoE Lighting Vs. Traditional Lighting 

As companies move more towards improving their ability to gather data and control their facility, PoE lighting will begin to become the chosen technology for many organizations. These users aren’t just companies from Silicon Valley, they come from all industries looking to use PoE to become more efficient and functional.

In using PoE lighting, paired with the inspeXtor™ software, you turn an ordinary light into a means to monitor and report massive amounts of data with the ability to make policy adjustments at the push of a button.  Similar to your mobile phone that does much more than make phone calls, the new PoE Led Light with inspeXtor™ becomes more than just a standard light fixture but rather a sophisticated monitoring and reporting system.

Below are some other key advantages to installing a PoE system over traditional LED lighting:

  1. Customize protocols for every single light in your facility
  2. Reduced risk of fire and injuries during installation
  3. Adjust policies quickly and easily with the push of a button
  4. PoE Lighting has a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional lighting
  5. A sophisticated software platform that allows for complete monitoring of your facility.
  6. Increased reliability due to less points of failure verses traditional lighting.