As PoE (Power over Ethernet) Lighting platforms become more sophisticated the opportunity for more projects to use the PoE technology increases.
Our inspeXtor® platform can be used across a number of different markets and applications.

Below are just a few of the markets we specialize in:

Class A Office Buildings

Building owners are constantly looking to offer the best value for their tenants while reducing capital expenditures and lower maintenance costs.

The inspeXtor® system provides a cost effective solution for owners to deploy a scalable, state of the art system throughout their entire facility.

As a tenant, offering your employees a customizable workspace environment has been proven to increase productivity. By connecting the lighting, sensors and thermostats to the inspeXtor® system, the employee will be able to set their own protocols and our system will automatically adjust such things as temperature, light levels and color temperature.

In addition, our inspeXtor® platform can integrate with other platforms such as security systems. For example, a policy can be set for security cameras to activate when motion is detected either in a particular location or during specific hours and be immediately send an alert to a manager.

Luxury Condominium and Apartment Complexes

In the age of Smart Homes, new apartment seekers and homeowners expect new buildings to be equipped with the latest technology.

Our inspeXtor® system provides residents a simple, secure and easy to use platform.

Our advanced technology allows integration with things like smart shades and allows residents to set specific lighting policies based on their schedule. In addition, they will be able to customize the color temperature in each room based on their individual preferences. For example, if they have an office they may want a warmer light whereas in their dining room they may want a brighter light.

For developers, installing the inspeXtor® system is far more cost effective than traditional lighting and will allow for top dollar when looking to sell or rent the complexes.

Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

The healthcare industry is a growing industry that is always looking for ways to improve the comfort and safety of their patients.

Our inspeXtor® platform provides hospitals and assisted living facilities tools to help achieve a more comfortable and safe environment.

The inspeXtor® offers features such as customizable Color Temperature, auto dimming and daylight harvesting. In addition, motion sensors to illuminate the room if the patient needed to get up in the middle of the night. From a security standpoint, advanced sensors can alert to prevent patient wondering.

Lastly, the inspeXtor® system can integrate with many systems within the hospital or facility to allow seamless monitoring of patients and residents.