PoE Systems provide a safe, efficient, low voltage platform for lighting smart buildings. Our inspeXtor™ platform is a rack mounted server that delivers powerful data and control of your facility. A cloud-based system allows owners and facility managers to monitor their facility from anywhere.

Powered by Cisco, the inspeXtor™ platform and technology provides ultimate customization with functionality such as fixture color tuning, security alerts when movement is detected in unauthorized areas or offices and flexibility to update your lighting policies with the push of a button. Integration with BMS, further improves functionality and control of your facility.

Some of the key elements included within the inspeXtor platform:

Set Alerts: Get notified in real-time of changes to your facility. Create alerts for such things as energy consumption limits, occupancy and changes in temperature.

inspeXtor Set Alerts

Set Policies: Easily create, edit and deploy policies to the system.

inspeXtor Create Policies

Merge Policies: Quickly add and remove policies to individual lights or a cluster of lights.

inspeXtor Merge Policies

Real Time Monitoring: Our dashboard provides a real-time overview of your facility at a glance.

inspeXtor Real Time Indicators

Some of the key features included within the inspeXtor platform:

  • Safer
    • Little to no risk of electrical injuries since high voltage is not present and risk of fire is eliminated.
    • Lower insurance rates
  • Flexible
    • Easily add, remove or edit lighting policies and alerts
    • Integrates with Building Management Systems for ultimate control
    • Ability to rearrange space by changing configuration of light right from the inspeXtor™ dashboard
  • Scalable
    • Using an open API and category cable, system can be scaled to utilize almost all current and future technology upgrades to your building
  • Maximize Energy Savings
    • Create policies to improve efficiency
    • Utilize alerts and real-time reporting to further enhance energy savings
  • Improved Security
    • Easily set real-time notifications for occupancy in any part of the building
    • Integrate with other systems to trigger additional security measures, such as prompting a camera to zoom when occupancy is detected
  • Secure
    • Flexible security options available (Cloud based/Internal Network)
    • “Salt Cryptography” is used to secure data transfer