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About inspeXtor

MHT is a leader in PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology in the area of lighting and building automation. Our patented inspeXtor PoE building automation platform seamlessly integrates with and connects multiple building systems, like lighting, shades, security devices and sensors, within one system. Additionally, our inspeXtor software dashboard reports on energy consumption to help building owners and developers optimize energy efficiency through automation.

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The Benefits of PoE

Our inspeXtor® Building Automation Software Can Manage Multiple Systems on One Platform.
  • Reduced installation costs and easy plug and play set up.
  • Bi-directional data flow over ethernet allows InspeXtor to monitor and report on data for building efficiency.
  • Drives LEED Certification, Green Building and Carbon Footprint Reduction initiatives
  • Power over Ethernet is a Future Proof building technology.
  • InspeXtor can automate multiple systems like lighting, shades, security cameras, HVAC, sensors and controls.
  • The PoE Smart Building market is expected to reach 1B by 2025.

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