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We recognize the importance and value of good project management. Our experienced staff will assist our clients in providing a full-service solution for their project.

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    Our team will work to understand the Client’s goals and objectives.

  • 2

    Project Evaluation

    Our team will perform the appropriate evaluation tasks including: Application Engineer, Re-Engineering and Value Engineering.

  • 3

    Process Design

    Once objectives are established, we will begin designing a complete system to achieve those goals.

  • 4


    As part of the process, our experts will recommend third party applications that provide synergy with the overall scope of the project.

  • 5


    The inspeXtor® team will present a detailed proposal outlining all components needs and a strategy for implementation.

  • 6

    Facilitate Execution Strategy

    Once proposal is accepted, we work with our client to put together an installation and commissioning schedule for their project.

  • 7

    Maintenance and Support

    Once installed, we will provide a detailed maintenance and support plan for Day 2 Operations.