MHT – Made in NYC Certified

MHT Lighting – LED’S on Staten Island

  Local procurement is an issue that both suppliers and buyers grapple with daily.  A buyer interested in purchasing a locally made product may not be able to because certain industries have moved away from the United States and New York City due to global economic forces.  However, those same forces can re-shore industry as well; such was the case of MHT Lighting. While sourcing lights for the new Staten Island Yankees stadium the lead contractor, Tom Spinelli, soon realized that the only energy efficient lighting he could get his hands on was manufactured halfway around the world in China. Because of the costs associated with importing lighting products in such large quantities, Tom saw an opportunity to build a new industry right here in NYC.  Tom hopped on a plane to China looking to learn about the processes involved in LED light manufacturing and he returned with an understanding of the equipment and materials to enter the business.  In 2009 Tom set up shop in his home borough of Staten Island, and MHT Lighting was born.

Since inception MHT has been on the cutting edge of lighting technology.  MHT lights are currently illuminating the Air Force One hangar and high-tech offices and datacenters like Yahoo and Facebook.  Their products lend themselves perfectly to these purposes because the lights they produce are long lasting, durable, and incredibly efficient.

MHT’s lighting line consists of Induction, LED,  and Intelligent Lighting.  Induction lights are better suited for uses like streetlights or parking garages, and LED’s for interior mainly large commercial institutions or data tech centers. Intelligent lighting, MHT manufactures lighting to partner with Redwood Systems, which the MHT lights run on low voltage data cable (Cat5-6)  which monitors motion, temperature, and day light harvesting and reports energy usage and savings in real time. MHT has earned the only ISO 9000/01 certified manufacturing facility designation in the U.S. This standardization certification means that every product manufactured by MHT was done so in a uniform process and has been tested and inspected. MHT’s LED Magnetic T8 tubes are designed to answer one of the lighting industry’s growing concerns, how to retrofit old lighting fixtures, with new more efficient technology.  Magnets on the back panel allow the light to adhere to most metals used in older lighting fixtures. MHT LED lights offer an advantage to fluorescents in lower maintenance costs. Rather than having to replace a florescent light and worry about safety, both from the high-voltage prongs and the delicate nature of the glass. Outside of lighting, MHT prides itself on their innovative SP1000 Energy Efficiency System.  The system can be utilized to control a building’s energy usage to maximize efficiency either remotely or on site.  Each light connected to the system contains a small sensor that stores information about what is happening below it, even taking into account how many people are in a particular room. The SP1000 relays kw/kwh savings in real time, adjusting immediately if a light is turned on or off.  The system will address voltage imbalance, loss in current, and other factors on its own that helps users pinpoint exactly where they could be more efficient in the a facility. The software also alerts users when electric use is in peak demand, and allows each system to be customized for the user to optimize efficiency during different parts of the day.

Being on the northern shore of Staten Island, production halted last fall when Superstorm Sandy made landfall and inundated the facility with 4 feet of water. The company experienced extensive damage to its facility and equipment.  However, giving up was not an option for MHT and the business proved to bounce back quickly due to the tight-knit nature of their employees. According to Brian Lennan, MHT’s Chief Operating Officer, “As bad as it was, it built camaraderie and strength.” Lennan and his team approached the recovery from Sandy like they approach working normally: head on with no stopping.  According to Lennan, “whatever we need to do, we’re going to make it happen. It’s just like putting an order together…if somebody needs 400 or so lights, we’re staying here to 2 or 3 in the morning to make sure they get the lights out, and that’s what we do.”

The workers that MHT employs are the heart and soul of the company. Because MHT designs their products and software in house, they rely on exceptionally innovative individuals to keep the company on the cutting edge.  Employees like Hamid Pishdadian, Chief Engineer and Tian Li,  Director of Engineering for Lighting, ensure that the products and manufacturing processes at MHT are constantly progressing.

MHT products have countless benefits and demonstrate the incredible ingenuity and innovation of their workers. MHT Lighting  exemplifies Made In NYC’s values of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and embodies the strength and spirit of New York City’s manufacturing sector. You can contact them online at and at Made In NYC.