What is PoE Lighting?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a way of carrying electrical power through CAT5/Ethernet cables, along with data to and from PoE-enabled devices. The immediate advantage is that this reduces cabling requirements for PoE-enabled devices, as opposed to traditional devices which would have required two cables (one for power, and another for data) to achieve the same result.

Better Technology, Smarter Solutions

Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben once said “with great power comes great responsibility”.  With better technology, there is a responsibility to ensure that a smart building is running efficiently – saving the environment, and at the same time creating a space that is both productive and safe.

One example of a smart solution is MHT Lighting’s inspeXtor® system, which provides a building owner with full control andunderstanding of their building’s energy consumption.

Through the use of Smart Sensor technology, appliances such as lights, HVACs, etc. can detect occupancy, turning on and off depending on the vacancy of an area or room. This helps to reduce any excessive usage of electricity while at the same time creates a productive area for people to work in as soon as they walk in.

This same technology has also been taken one step further to even include Daylight Harvesting. Daylight harvesting essentially means that building owners can set a lumen level that their occupants prefer, and if the natural lighting meets the lumen value, the lights will remain off. Another favourite of play online slots fans is Lightning Roulette. Only once it dips below that lumen value, will the Smart Sensor determine that it is too dark, and the lights will switch on.

Buildings with PoE solutions like MHT Lighting’s inspeXtor® system installed can achieve up to 90% of the LEED certification requirements simply because of how efficient this technology is at helping to save electricity and the environment. IN fact, having PoE solutions can help to reduce carbon footprint emissions from a building by up to 80%.

This show just one example of how PoE-enabled technology can automate and provide convenience to the lives of occupants within a building, while maintaining or even improving the productivity of the space and further benefiting the environment that we all live in.

Deeper Analytics

With PoE systems such as the inspeXtor® installed, long gone are the days where you stare at the electricity bill scratching your head and wondering why the costs are racking up. Due to the nature of the CAT5/6 cables that these lights are powered by, data is transmitted to and from each appliance and system, ,making it that much easier to extract the information. All this data is then fed through the inspeXtor® system, where building owners can then have data on how electricity is being used in the building, how often spaces are being utilised, and whether the building is running as efficiently as it can.

In addition to all these benefits, PoE systems such as inspeXtor®, is far less expensive to install and maintain compared to traditional line voltage lighting and controls, which makes it the best of both worlds.

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To find out more about PoE technology, and how it can be applied to your space, contact us to learn more about the solutions that we provide!