Intelligent Lighting and Control Systems – The Future of Smart Buildings

Now that California has enacted Title 24, it will not be long before all states look to bring similar legislation.  This step towards building automation and information technology provides commercial building owners significant benefits.

Whether you choose a wired or wireless system, the advantages and capabilities are virtually endless.  The old way of thinking about controls revolved around dimming, occupancy sensors and photocontrols.

Today, we have entered controls 2.0 with all of the customizations and possibilities that are available.  In many cases the control is built right into the light.  This will allow the light to do all the standard occupancy and photocontrols that have been available in the past.  However, these new technologies go much further.  Everything from adjusting the temperature in the room, dimming to different levels based on occupancy along with a whole host of other capabilities.

The real value, however, is the reporting side of these platforms.  They allow mangers to dig deep into the data giving them the opportunity to take actionable steps.  These reports include individual room usage to the average number of people occupying in a given time period and much more.

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