Our cloud-based inspeXtor platform offers the most advanced PoE technology on the market today. Our system can integrate with inspeXtor series fixtures or can be used with any other LED lighting product.

Below is an overview of the system components and their function within the inspeXtor ecosystem:

System Components

PoE Switch: Cisco Networking Switches that power the inspeXtor™ platform offers significant flexibility in how a system is configured

PoE inspeXtor™: Our rack-mounted server provides the software to fully control your system

Fixture: Manufactured in our ISO Certified facility, you can be assured we thoroughly test and ensure fixture is working with the inspeXtor™ system prior to sending to the customer. Added features such as color tuning will allow tuning to any color customer desires with a click of a button

Advanced Sensor: Our 3 PIR sensor can detect temperature, occupancy and sunlight for daylight harvesting. Additional sensors can be used for such metrics as humidity and CO2 detection

Wall Switch: Our Patent Pending tagging system allows for total control of any light on the network while only needing to be installed to the nearest fixture

Battery-Back-up: Our 2-Wire, Patent Pending, low voltage battery back-up sits neatly inside our fixture for added protection against loss of power. Exceeds standard operating code of 90 minutes at 25% power and is UL 924 Tested

Junction Box: Ability to hold all hardware components, allowing flexibility in fixture usage and configuration