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Create Policies

One of the main advantages of the inspeXtor® system is the amount of flexibility users have to customize the settings. Our system allows for policy creation down to the individual light. Policies such as holiday or weekend policies can easily be changed and updated through our system

Autotune Setting

Creating a comfortable environment is a key function of our system. With inspeXtor®, users can adjust the light levels, including color temperature, to meet their desired output. This is important for productivity in an office or school environment.


Get notified in real-time of changes to your facility. Create alerts for such things as energy consumption limits, occupancy and changes in temperature.

Users can also set parameters to be alerted when a change happens within the system, such as a disconnected port.

Shade Control

Our inspeXtor® Platform can integrate with many applications, such as shades. Users can create time and date schedules as well as policies for shades automatically opening and closing based on the outside light levels or temperature.

Technical Support

inspeXtor® system offers a number of ways to navigate our system. We have a comprehensive user guide with a searchable database with detailed instructions and visuals. In addition, we offer a ticketing system for questions that may need additional information.