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Our rack-mounted server provides the software to fully control your system.

Node/Driver Box

Ability to hold all hardware components, allowing flexibility in fixture usage and configuration.

Node Extender

Ability to control RGBW fixtures as wells as four (4) individual luminaires. It also offers an control input for switches/sensors plus a 48Vdc and 24Vdc output

Battery Backup

Our 2-Wire, Patented, low voltage battery back-up sits neatly inside your PoE fixture for added protection against loss of power. Exceeds standard operating code of 90 minutes at 25% power and is UL 924 Tested.

PoE Splitter Box

Our One Input to Four Output PoE Splitter permits for multiple fixtures to be powered by an individual port, maximizing output on the PoE switch.

RJ45 Two Wire Adapter

This RJ45 adapter connects to a standard LED fixture, allowing for integration into the inspeXtor® platform.

Wall Switch

Our PoE Wall Switch is available in two models and is easily installed into a standard gang box. The Four Button version has On, Cancel, Up, and Down Controllable Features. The Seven Button version adds Three Scene Buttons.