Incredible Induction Lighting with Energy Saving Features

Induction lighting is tremendously capable to save energy that is much higher than any other traditional source of lighting. Induction lights definitely have emerged as one of the preferred options of lighting for industries, street lights, parking lots and garage light applications.

What is induction light?

Induction Lighting, unlike most other light technologies, does not use electrodes to create illumination. Rather than using electrodes or filaments, which is typically the first failure point in a fluorescent lamp, induction lamps use magnets to conduct electricity. And with no electrodes to fail, Induction Light will last up to 100,000 hours.

Energy Saving Features

Since induction lights use high frequency generator in place of electrodes they have a larger life as compared to other lighting options like fluorescent lights. Moreover, induction lights produce high lumen in lesser wattage as it has a high energy conversion rate with minimum current waste. An induction lamp is capable of converting 80% of the energy into light and that is why it can greatly cut down the monthly electricity costs.

Life of Induction Lights

Induction lights can least up to 20 times more than traditional lighting. In most cases induction lights are rated for 100,000 hours.

Other Benefits:

  • Instant Start
  • 80+ CRI
  • Maintenance Free
  • No vibration, glare, noise or flickering