Across the nation schools, gyms, healthcare facilities and other businesses look for ways to continue running their operation while at the same time keeping a safe, clean environment for their occupants.   

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through UV-C light.  While the term may be new to you, the technology has been around for a long time with a number of well-documented studies showing its efficacy in neutralizing viruses and pathogens. The below article will outline exactly what UV-C light is and how it works to help keep your occupants safe.    

What is UV-C Light Technology? 

UV-C light technology (or UVGI as it is sometimes referred as) incorporates a process in which a specific wavelength (200-300 nm) of ultraviolet light is used to neutralize microorganisms.  This process disrupts the ability of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens to multiply, reducing its spread.    

How Does UV-C Light Technology Work? 

While the technical aspects of how UV-C Light Technology works can be complicated, the actual process can be explained fairly simply.  The UV-C light uses ultraviolet wavelengths between 200-300 nanometers to disrupt the microorganisms so they can no longer multiply.  This is done on a cellular level and has been proven to be exceptionally effective.   

Is UV-C Light Effective? 

The use of UV-C light technology is not a new technology at all, in fact, it has been around fodecades.  The effectiveness has been well documented and peered reviewed in some of the top medical journals.  For example, American Journal of Infection Control and US National Library of Medicine to name a few.  These are just several examples of the findings of UV-C light and its effectiveness.  This is a proven technology that up until now it has gone under the radar however in today’s environment it is more relevant than ever.   

How Can Companies Implement a UV-C System? 

There are a number of ways the UV-C light is deployed however one of the most popular ways is in the form of a UV-Air Treatment system.  Many of the viruses and pathogens are spread through the air systems within a facility.   

When a UV Air treatment system is installed there is a very specific process that is used to treat that air.  First, the system actively draws air into the enclosed chamber where powerful UV-C light neutralizes any airborne pathogens.  Once all virus and pathogens in the air have been neutralized, the newly treated air gets pushed back out to the facility.  All of this is done safely and quietly, your occupants won’t even know it is happening.   

What is the Best Application for UV-C Light? 

Given the current environment, the best application is where you see large groupings of people.  Places such as schools, restaurants, gyms, bars, hospitals, and office buildings are just a few locations where installing a UV-C Light air filtration system will be beneficial.   

While it is not mandated yet, most people are actively looking to avoid germs like no other time in recent memory.  For those who are ahead of the curve and install these systems, will see a significant impact on foot traffic.  People will feel more comfortable visiting your establishment as your investment will show them that their safety is important.   

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Is UV-C Light An Effective Method of Pathogen Control? 

Yes! UV-C has a long-studied history of treating and controlling pathogens.  

UV-C light treatment is an effective, chemical-free method of infection prevention. It’s shown to reduce the levels of bacteria and funguses in the air, and in some studies has been shown to reduce the number of overall infections in hospitals. UV-C light treatment has been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria.  

While any environment — hospital, dental, educational, and beyond — must employ a range of disinfection and environmental treatment methods, UV-C light treatment is an especially effective technology for actively creating a cleaner environment in any setting, medical or commercial. Here are just a few of the benefits that UV-C technology can provide: 


UV-C light is a proven, decades-old treatment technology 

UV-C light treatment is a proven pathogen treatment technology that was discovered decades ago and has been consistently used ever since. Recently, peer reviews by the Canadian Journal of Infection Control and the American Journal of Infection Control have shown that UVGI has lessened contact infections in long-term acute care facilities, again proving the effectiveness of the technology.  

UVGI is commonly used to neutralize pathogens in dental and hospital environments, and its benefits extend to the commercial sector as well, especially as restaurants, schools, and businesses look for ways to provide a cleaner, safer environment for all. The technology has been tested, peer-reviewed, and confirmed as a proven method to neutralize and reduce pathogens in any environment.  


UV-C light treatment is a no-touch, automated, active treatment method 

When employed properly, UV-C light is a hands-free, active environment treatment method. Shielded, ceiling-mounted UV-C light treatment systems actively draw in pathogens using a system of fans, to ensure that pathogens circulating throughout the environment are effectively neutralized.  

What’s more, shielded ceiling-mounted UV-C treatment methods are no-touch. Because they are shielded, they can operate 24/7, even when the environment is occupied, providing active pathogen control at all times, without any activation by your employees or staff.  

As a continuous treatment method that cannot be affected by human error, UV-C light provides a greater level of protection than many other methods. 

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