Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly LED lighting

Led lighting has dethroned the candescent and fluorescent lighting in the recent times. You might have learnt a lot about LED flat panels, LED tubes and LED bulbs that they are highly energy efficient, but have you also explored the much concerned side of LED lights to be natively safe for environment? Here are some quick facts that will enlighten you with more reasons to choose LED lighting.

Eco Friendly

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with CFL (compact fluorescent lights) is that they contain mercury and that is very dangerous for human health and for the environment as well. Moreover, CFL have electrodes which may burst out spilling the poisonous mercury in the environment, which if contacted to humans can cause certain neurological effects like fatigue, memory issues, and lack of concentration. The mercury content of CFLs can also come in contact with you while decomposing exhausted CFLs.

LED lights on the other hand, does not have any mercury or electrodes that can burst off; it rather works on a technology to lit merely on the movement of the electrons without any chances of bursting out. No mercury means, LED lighting are eco-friendly and safest to be used at homes and even in the kid’s room.

Cost Effective

Apart from being safe for environment, LED lighting is also very cost effective as it offers 60 times more life than the candescent bulb and 20 times more life than a CFL. So, it is almost maintenance free to operate LED lights and that is the main reason why they are being extensively used for gas station lights, parking garage lights, glow signs and traffic lights etc. lesser heat generation and more power efficiency makes it adept to be used in household too for massive cut down on monthly electricity bills.