Did You Notice The Change? – LED Lighting

There has been a paradigm shift in the way lighting is used from the first Edison’s candescent bulb to latest LED lighting systems. The change is certainly gigantic yet too small to be noticed by common populace. LED Lighting is no more a newer technology as it is being widely used in household, offices, business establishments and public lighting as well. LED is the most promising energy management system with high output and low maintenance. LED is also preferred over candescent bulbs because it has a longer life of 100,000 hours as compared to just 500 hours life span of candescent bulbs and LEDs are cooler as it converts 80% of current into light and 20% into heat whereas candescent bulb can only convert 20% into light with 80% heat.

Did you know?

You might have seen quite a lot of LED flash lights or emergency lights but did you know that LED light systems have taken over a wider aspect of what is called everyday lighting. The bright glow signs outside stores are now operating over LEDs, The parking of hotels and shopping malls have LED lighting system that brightens (through sensors) in presence of the occupant and stays dim if not, the decorative ceiling of offices with light is nothing but the LED flat panels, most of the traffic lights are now operating on this fantastic LED technology and LED tubes are common to be seen in household now.

Limitation of LED

The one and only limitation that LED light system has is the high cost. However, big industries and sky scraper buildings have been using them to cut down their cost on the maintenance and frequent replacement. Although, it is predicted that as the demand/usage would grow, LEDs may become available at cheaper rates, future of lighting certainly belongs to something as innovative and purposeful as LED lighting.