Choosing “Just any” Induction light retrofit “solution” can create big problems

A simple Induction light retrofit “solution” can quickly become more of a problem than a solution

Let’s look at a common scenario; a customer likes their current lighting housing, however they want the energy savings advantages of induction.  The solution; swap out the existing ballast and the lamp with an induction retrofit kit.  Simple, right?

Think again, it may seem like a simple process however too many companies are popping up that will sell an Induction lamp and ballast retrofit kit without knowing or seeing the fixture the items will go in.

It’s important to understand that despite it’s perceived simplicity without knowledge of proper thermal management, the promises of a long lifespan and delivered lumens from an Induction luminaire cannot be achieved and pre-mature failure is eminent. Couple this with installing the Induction retrofit in a cobra fixture or something that has a HID reflector design and the project will be doomed in no time. This gives Induction lighting technology a bad name and will put companies out of business.

We constantly see induction Light Retrofit RFPs coming out that do not address these issues, but have 10-year warranties specified that we believe will result in these issues.  However, most of these companies selling Induction retrofit kits will not be around in a few years so the thermal management issue and buying from a solid, technical savvy and reputable company becomes even more of a factor in delivering a longer lasting product.

Furthermore, Induction light retrofit kits are being sold with very little instruction, lots of nuts and bolts and the retrofit leads to a timely and difficult installation.

MHT Lighting is one of them most experienced manufactures of Induction lighting in the USA and will properly design the a retrofit kit with innovative heat sinking, thermal management, and optical designs that have been thoroughly tested ensuring the most reliable and best performing induction luminaire available.

Our new line of VL 35-85 watt internally coupled (QL style) retrofit kits have a built in heat sink, E39 “screw-in” base, and remote mounted ballast has been tested to provide easy installation and last the duration of the designed life. These retrofit kits are designed for post tops, garage fixtures, and parking fixtures with installation in less than 10 minutes and replaces 70-200 Watt HPS or metal halide lamps.

If you have any questions regarding properly designed Induction retrofit kits, please contact MHT Lighting

Toll Free: 888-511-7780  Or

2 thoughts on “Choosing “Just any” Induction light retrofit “solution” can create big problems

  1. I was looking at self ballasted 40 watt inductions to replace a 70 watt HID in a pendant fixture. The fixture has a 14 inch reflector, is white and open on the bottom.Iwas told that this option is a recipe for disaster and that the self ballasted bulb wold burn out prematurely, if mounted base up.
    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Steve, the reason some people do not recommend self ballasted bulbs mounted base up is because in a enclosed fixture, the heat would be trapped in the fixture, and may effect ballast life. A lot of HID pendant fixture will have ventilation holes on the top of the fixture because HID’s run very hot, if that is the case than a self ballasted bulb will have no problems even if mounted base up. I hope this clears up your concerns regarding our self ballasted bulbs.

      Thank you
      Alan Liang

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