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MHT Featured in DOE Study for PoE Lighting Systems

Released by the Department of Energy in February of this year, this study reviews the applications and advantages of implementing a PoE system.  The report goes into detail regarding some of the more technical aspects of the systems available and how one can property utilize the reporting and analytics to reduce energy costs.

In addition, the study states that Power over Ethernet Connected lighting systems that can report their own energy consumption can deliver increased energy savings over conventional lighting solutions by facilitating data-driven energy management. PoE technology has the potential to be key in bringing this capability to mainstream lighting applications.

You can read the entire report here.

MHT Lighting Launches New Line of “SMART” LED Lighting Products with Integrated Controls

Saves up to 90% in Energy over HID, significantly reduces field labor costs and simplifies the project!


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. & SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 25, 2015 — Creating the most efficient lighting project with the best Return on Investment (ROI) has never been easier.  MHT Lighting, a leader of energy efficient lighting products in the USA, has announced the launch of their innovative new line of interior and exterior “SMART” LED lighting products.  The “SMART” fixture could not only save up to 90% in energy over conventional HID lighting products, but can help customers by eliminating the coordination headaches of adding field controls to the project, therefore, saves significant costs for installing extra controls, wiring and sensors in the field and making sure they are wired correctly.


With MHT Lighting providing integrated controls in their “SMART” fixtures, customers can order a “SMART” fixture and the product will come already pre-wired with fixture mounted sensors and integrated controllers.


MHT Lighting is pleased to announce some of the new features of their “SMART” LED Fixtures.


  • “SMART” products have such features as pre-wired integrated occupancy sensor, photo-control, bi-level dimming & step dimming ability that can save up to 90% in energy costs! Making it the “Smart” Solution.
  • Incredible value, proven reliability and are backed by our 10-year warranty *see terms & conditions.
  • Wide range of Cost effective interior and exterior products with product life of over 100,000 hours.
  • Maximize efficiency, save on-site labor costs and controls’ coordination
  • Meets Title 24 lighting requirements
  • Adds for more potential Rebates and better ROI.
  • Design Light Consortium (DLC) Qualified *where applicable
  • Meets ARRA requirements with Manufacturing in the USA!


About MHT Lighting:

MHT Lighting has been manufacturing energy efficient commercial lighting in the USA for almost a decade.  Our approach has been to supply the highest quality lighting that exceeds the performance and lifespan of other products on the market.  Our innovative products have a proven track record in manufacturing facilities, high tech networking office buildings, commercial high rises, municipalities, US Government and military bases all over the country.


For additional product information, visit, call Toll Free 1-888-511-7780, or email  For press inquiries, contact Mark Shotton at (619)865-0336 or email


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Intelligent Lighting and Control Systems – The Future of Smart Buildings

Now that California has enacted Title 24, it will not be long before all states look to bring similar legislation.  This step towards building automation and information technology provides commercial building owners significant benefits.

Whether you choose a wired or wireless system, the advantages and capabilities are virtually endless.  The old way of thinking about controls revolved around dimming, occupancy sensors and photocontrols.

Today, we have entered controls 2.0 with all of the customizations and possibilities that are available.  In many cases the control is built right into the light.  This will allow the light to do all the standard occupancy and photocontrols that have been available in the past.  However, these new technologies go much further.  Everything from adjusting the temperature in the room, dimming to different levels based on occupancy along with a whole host of other capabilities.

The real value, however, is the reporting side of these platforms.  They allow mangers to dig deep into the data giving them the opportunity to take actionable steps.  These reports include individual room usage to the average number of people occupying in a given time period and much more.

The learn more about control systems, please email us directly at

Incredible Induction Lighting with Energy Saving Features

Induction lighting is tremendously capable to save energy that is much higher than any other traditional source of lighting. Induction lights definitely have emerged as one of the preferred options of lighting for industries, street lights, parking lots and garage light applications.

What is induction light?

Induction Lighting, unlike most other light technologies, does not use electrodes to create illumination. Rather than using electrodes or filaments, which is typically the first failure point in a fluorescent lamp, induction lamps use magnets to conduct electricity. And with no electrodes to fail, Induction Light will last up to 100,000 hours.

Energy Saving Features

Since induction lights use high frequency generator in place of electrodes they have a larger life as compared to other lighting options like fluorescent lights. Moreover, induction lights produce high lumen in lesser wattage as it has a high energy conversion rate with minimum current waste. An induction lamp is capable of converting 80% of the energy into light and that is why it can greatly cut down the monthly electricity costs.

Life of Induction Lights

Induction lights can least up to 20 times more than traditional lighting. In most cases induction lights are rated for 100,000 hours.

Other Benefits:

  • Instant Start
  • 80+ CRI
  • Maintenance Free
  • No vibration, glare, noise or flickering

MHT LIGHTING Receives 2013 New York Excellence Award!

MHT LIGHTING receives 2013 New York Excellence Award

April 25th 2014 – MHT LIGHTING has been selected for the 2013 New York Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI).

Each year the USTCI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that New York is renowned for. Continue reading

MHT – Made in NYC Certified

MHT Lighting – LED’S on Staten Island

  Local procurement is an issue that both suppliers and buyers grapple with daily.  A buyer interested in purchasing a locally made product may not be able to because certain industries have moved away from the United States and New York City due to global economic forces.  However, those same forces can re-shore industry as well; such was the case of MHT Lighting. Continue reading

MHT Featured in Wall Street Journal

U.S. Factories Begin to Hit Growth Stride  Purchasing Managers’ Index Shows Seventh Straight Month of Expansion

The nation’s factories finished the year on a high note and looked to be building momentum heading into 2014.

The Institute for Supply Management’s monthly index, which is based on a survey of purchasing managers, hit 57 in December. That was down slightly from 2013’s high of 57.3, registered in November. Readings above 50 indicate expansion. Continue reading

Measuring Lumens

What Are “Pupil Lumens”?

How people see and are psychologically impacted by lighting has been a subject of much study and discussion for years. Describing light as “lumen output” and measuring it as “foot candles” on a work plane have been the traditional ways of describing and defining how much light is required to perform a variety of tasks. However, that is being re-examined based on results of studies on visual performance and the psychological impacts of lighting. Additionally, the “color rendering index” (CRI) and correlated color temperature (CCT) describe the quality of the light (relating to how true colors appear compared to under a noon north sky on a clear day). As lighting technology evolves into various types and colors, simply measuring the lumens proves not to be fully adequate in predicting how well people can see. An excellent example is the low-sodium lamp which produces many lumens, but only two colors (yellow and gray); the ability to make out details—beyond shapes of objects—is lost under this light source. Different light sources produce light in different spectral ranges and there is a wide variety of spectral output available in fluorescent lamps. Continue reading