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MHT Lighting’s inspeXtor’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an advanced platform that is used to enhance Smart Building operations and efficiency.

Both companies are experiencing increased demand for their PoE solutions across a variety of challenging applications. Combining our technological expertise helps to ensure the installation and operation of the lighting network can be fully integrated into the building management system.   According to Johnson Controls’ annual Efficiency Indicator survey, more than half of the organizations plan to increase their investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart building technology in 2021.

“We are delighted to combine forces with MHT Lighting to help insure our PoE projects across North America perform at maximum efficiency while delivering on the desired illumination effect,” said James Hunter, CEO of Apogee Lighting. “We have successfully completed a number of PoE backlit ceiling installations in New York City and expect this trend to carry across the continent as the additional benefits of PoE installations are being more fully understood.”

“The challenge of lighting an entire ceiling composed of various size LED lengths driven at different milliamp requirements could not have been more exciting to us” said AK Khalis, CTO at MHT Lighting. “When Apogee connected our nodes and was able to quickly configure the wattage requirements and then use inspeXtor to dim and automate their panels, it was continued validation of the work we put into our platform to make it easy and intuitive”

MHT Lighting, with headquarters in New York City and its European headquarters in Dublin, is a pioneering software development firm in the lighting industry and the holder of three US patents related to its unique “inspeXtor®” lighting control platform. PoE technology, where buildings from office towers, hospitals, and schools to residential apartment complexes are lit through “smart” lights connected through ethernet cabling rather than electric power lines allows buildings to be truly green and truly smart. The inspeXtor® platform with its native AI capabilities and unique applications delivers 35% in energy savings over conventional lighting. Its easy open interface with other building management systems will make it an integral component in the “smart buildings/smart cities” revolution taking place around the globe.

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