Over the last several years more and more developers are turning to PoE Lighting for their residential apartments and homes.  Their goal is to provide a safer, more efficient and future proof environment.  


So why do you care if your building is Power over Ethernet (PoE)  

1. PoE is Safer  

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the third most common cause of fire in the home is due to electrical equipment or faulty wiring.  With a PoE system that does not use traditional wiring, but instead uses category (CAT) cable, the chance of a fire being caused by your PoE system is virtually zero.  The category cable is the same cable that plugs into your computer or smart TV, the low voltage nature of the cable eliminates the chance of you or other family members getting shocked or injured.   

2. Remote access and Control  

A PoE system allows you to control your lighting system from anywhere. Easily create policies and routines for your home. If you forgot to turn a light off or want to dim the lighting, you can easily do that through a mobile device.  

3Easy Integration with other Devices  

Perhaps one of the best aspects of living in a PoE home is integration.  Choosing to live in a PoE enabled building allows to easily use your existing devices to connect to things like your HVAC system and your Blinds. A mobile app enhances this integration, making your home truly smart, that much easier!   

4. Customization and Flexibility  

Creating a comfortable environment is one of the primary advantages you get when using a PoE system.  Adjusting the brightness or temperature (white tuning) of the lighting has never been simpler. You can also set parameters for when lighting should turn on, off or change temperature, for example, to maximize the impact of the circadian rhythm.   

5. Automate and Save!  

Living in a PoE building will allow you to automate your system and save you money. The automation component will allow you to set routines but also turn off devices when they are not in use, saving you money.