PoE Lighting System - inspeXtor

inspeXtor PoE Lighting System

A new generation of LED lighting is here, introducing the PoE lighting system inspeXtor by MHT.

Since MHT manufactured its first LED fixture in 2008, LED has been the “go to” selection for new lighting strategies.

inspeXtor technology combines connected lighting, IoT sensors and software to deliver your intelligent building.

Facility and IT worlds recognize that LED lighting is a seamless platform to seize the Internet of Things (IOT) for tomorrow’s workday experience, today.

MHT develops state-of-the-art solutions that merges LED lighting with standards based Ethernet switches directed by software. inspeXtor network delivers a scalable, secure and flexible system to support innovation in new applications of lighting.

Power over Ethernet Lighting Features

MHT’s proprietary platform, inspeXtor, allows the control of your facility.  The inspeXtor system can chart kW consumption, energy savings, and ambient temperature. The inspeXtor generates a timeline function which delivers users the event schedules at a glance.

Some additional features of our system:

  • Our sensor indicates direction of traffic
  • You can set specific sensor parameters
  • Easily allows reconfiguration of space
  • Revolutionary low voltage, emergency back-up, recharging system.

The MHT Difference

MHT’s PoE system :

  • An ISO 9000/01 Certified lighting manufacturer with years of experience
  • A UL and ETL certified facility
  • East Coast and West Coast Facility & Support
  • End-to-End PoE Solution
  • Team of Engineers and Field support

For more information on how your facility can benefit from PoE Lighting, contact us today!